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Intermediate Package

Common price: £ 57.97 Our price: £ 47.97
Add a Pair of Kettlercise Wrist Protector for just £7.99!


Kettlercise Just for Men DVD + 8KG Kettlebell

RRP £69.98

This really is THE – Ultimate Fat Loss Programme For Men:

Discover the Secrets to a: 

  • Lean & Toned Body in as little as 20 mins a day
  • Sculpt the Ultimate Six Pack with our 8 Min Abs Blast Program

FINALLY, a Kettlebell DVD for Men that delivers what it promises. Men everywhere are impressed by the lightning quick results...... a more intense workout than you get in the gym now but in far less time.

Kettlercise Just for Men DVDwill Show You How to Get Six Pack Abs, Blitz Body Fat & Build Lean Toned Muscle.

105 mins running time.

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