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L8 Liberate Official Drink Shaker

£ 6.99


"The perfect way to get a smooth, delicious, nutritious shake every time"

Premium Quality Drinks Shaker, for a reliable, fast, easy and convenient way to mix all of your L8 Liberate Breakfast Smoothie Shakes.

Take to the gym to make sure you get your 'post' workout shake as soon as you've finished your workout AND/OR measure out your protein serving before you leave the house to use as a convenient, leak proof, transportable bottle to make sure you get your meal on the go.

- L8 Liberate Logo
- Clear Premium Quality Shaker
- 500 ml capacity
- Pink screw on lid with snap fast integrated easy pour drinks spout
- 2 integrated measuring scales 1) ml/ccm and 2) oz's for accuracy of measure
- removable screen to prevent lumps and deliver a smooth, consistent shake every time
- 100% leak-proof
- high quality raw material
- long lasting and durable
- dish washer proof

Suggested Use:
- Add 1 x's 30g serving of Liberate Breakfast smoothie
- Add 200ml's of water (you can use milk if preferred)
- Replace the screen and seal the lid
- Shake vigorously for 50 to 60 seconds
- Drink instantly for a delicious, nutritious smooth shake

Click here for the Liberate Breakfast Smoothie Available in 4 great NEW Flavours!!

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