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The internet can be both a blessing and a curse when you're trying to find the right information. Especially when it comes to kettlebells... even the names of the exercises sound strange.

It would be very easy to just give up and possibly miss out on one of the greatest pieces of equipment ever created.

Well don't worry! Thousands of fitness instructors have attended my courses over the years and in turn tens of thousands of people attend one of my Kettlercise® Kettlebell Group Fitness Classes every year.

So you're in the right place to start your Kettlebell journey.

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In simplistic terms, calorie balance is THE most important part of the fat loss equation and has the largest effect on any diet outcome.

Generally all ‘fad diets’ work up to a point because they put you in to what’s called ‘a negative calorie state/balance’. It’s that simple, eat fewer calories than the body needs to perform its daily functions and you’ll lose weight.

It does get slightly more complicated than that if fat loss is your goal!

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I've eaten moderate protein diets and I've eaten high protein diets - but I've never eaten a low protein diet!

... and there's a good reason for this.

Out of the Three Main Micronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein) Protein is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT macronutrient

Is that a bold statement? Well.. not really, here's why. 

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Here's 5 'No Brainer' Reasons Why You Need to Start Kettlebell Training.

I’ve been teaching kettlebells to the fitness industry and athletes for improved strength, endurance and body composition changes for 10 years and it’s just about the most versatile training  tool I’ve come across.

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