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Kettlercise Unplugged DVD

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Kettlercise® Unplugged 2 Disc DVD – The World’s #1 Kettlebell Class Home Workout DVD

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3 Brand NEW Kettlercise® workouts, the World’s 1 Kettlebell Class on Home Workout DVD.

It’s just you, Guy and Kettlebell Workouts. It’s like having Guy as your own 1:1 Personal Trainer.


NEW programs including 2 x’s 30 minute Kettlercise® programs and 1 x’s 50 minute Kettlercise® all over body program.

Kettlercise® Unplugged Special Edition 2 Disc DVD Set – it’s RAW, it’s NEW and it’s Guy doing what he does best. It’s like having Guy as your own Personal Trainer, just you, him and a Kettlebell on a 1:1 basis as he takes you through the 3 brand NEW Unplugged Kettlercise® workouts... it’s time to turn up your fat loss!


With NEW never been seen before footage to get your ultimate Kettlebell workout, perfect body and get you in the best shape of your life ever. Each workout is uniquely designed to work every major and minor muscle. Designed to tone, blast fat and trigger highly effective results in record time and includes:


  • NEW 30 minute ‘Inferno’ workout – Intense, concentrated and thoroughly demanding
  • NEW 30 minute ‘Express’ workout – essentially effective for when you are stuck for time
  • NEW 50 minute ‘Incinerator’ full body workout – turn up the heat, stimulate and incinerate fat like crazy
  • NEW ‘pre’ warm up and ‘post cool down’ exercises for all 3 workouts


With the Kettlercise® Body Transformation System, fat loss just got real simple! Now you can totally transform your body with the ultimate home Kettlebell workout that IS Kettlercise® the world’s #1 Kettlebell class on DVD. A complete all over body fat loss, toning and training system that gets results... fast!

Run Time Approx: 110 mins

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