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Kettlercise Performance Wear Vest for Men

£ 19.99
Colour & Style


Cool garments for an ice-cool performance.

NEW: Kettlercise Performance Vests For Men

Cool garments for an ice-cool performance. Exclusive new designs that are great for wearing to Kettlercise® classes with breathable slim fit and durable Neoteric™ Wicking fabric to keep you comfortable during exercise

Support the Kettlercise® revolution with this stylish and straight to the point brand new Kettlercise® exclusive Vest.

These vests are great to wear to your Kettlercise® class, when working out at home or just to show that you're ahead of the fitness curve and involved in the exercise craze that's taking the country by storm. These exclusive Kettlercise® vests are available in a wide range of unisex sizes.

Product Feature:
• On trend performance fabric
• Machine Washable
• Twin needle stitching for added durability
• Available in Sizes - S, M, L, XL, XXL
• Vest
• Black/White


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