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8th May 2022 - Bristol

Common price: £ 633.88 Our price: £ 199.00


Introducing the All New H.CORE 2.0 and H.CORE LEAN 2 in 1 Course Day.


The Original H.Core® Course was first badged as ‘Kettlercise® Advanced’ (really THE NEXT STEP after Kettlercise® Basic). We decided that it probably needed a ‘cooler name’ to differentiate it more from Kettlercise® which is why we decided on H.CORE® way back in 2012.

Five years on sees the launch of the NEW H.CORE 2.0 (still the Advanced version of Kettlercise® and still uses ‘Double Kettlebell Drills’.

H.Core 2.0 is the Newly Updated Version of the Original Concept, but now using 2 x Kettlebells, which allows us to take the intensity level up a notch – delivering even greater results for your class members.

However, we’ve gone a stage further...

We have 3 Distinct Program Styles which are mirrored across both H.Core 2.0 and H.Core LEAN, which makes it easier to learn over your days training.

First, is the New 'H.Core i4 (which stands for Interval 4 System) HIIT Format'.

Second, we’ve got P.H.A Training (Peripheral Heart Action) – which most of you are familiar with, since you've been running Kettlercise® - this is a more Advanced version.

Lastly... Welcome to the PRISM - Which gives a whole new spin on 'The Pyramid Training' style...

Just to RAMP it up, we’ve also incorporated 'Exciting Finishers' in the programs such as 20/10 Intervals and Partner You Go, I Go. As you know, any Group Fitness Program worth its salt has to get clients engaged and these New Finishers are just what you need.

Next Up, H.Core LEAN!

H.Core LEAN is our none equipment based style of workout. Using Bodyweight Only Exercises, and as the name suggests it produces some amazing results for your clients.

These are split into 3 Styles of Training I’ve just outlined previously:

I4 HiiT: The Interval 4 System

P.H.A: Same principals as Kettlercise but now applied to Bodyweight Training - pretty full on.

PRISM: You'll Love It.

As previously mentioned, you’re going to learn both concepts in 1 Day (so it's basically a two for one deal...).

Lets have a look How the day will Play out for you:

The First half of the day will be spent going through the Double Bell Drills in the New H.Core 2.0 System, and understanding the different types of workouts.

The Second Half of the Day (now that we’re all warmed up), will be spent going through the New H.Core LEAN System and the various styles of workout including Finsher examples.

On Completion of the Course, you’ll be Granted Access to the New H.Core Instructor Zone.

AND as an EXTRA BONUS you'll receive the 12 Months Worth of Workouts:

6 x Workouts for H.Core 2.0:

2 x i4

2 x Pha

2 x Prism

Plus 6 Workouts for H.Core LEAN:

2 x i4

2 x Pha

2 x Prism

As you know, if you had to buy these workouts separately (even at our lowest iClub rate) it would set you back at least £239.88.

And if we had to deliver both these courses as Single Days like we did in the past; H.Core 2.0 alone would be £197.00 and then another £197.00 for H.Core Lean Bodyweight System.

So giving total value of:

12 x Workouts (Class Routines): £239.88

2 x Course Days in 1: £394.00

Total Value of £633.88

Which NOW leads me on to the bit you’ve been waiting for... the entire course day and access to both programs for 12 Months is just...

£633.88 your investment ONLY £199.00

...and just so it's clear...

That includes the EXTRA BONUS 12 Months of Routines and Licence to Teach included within the Price (Yes! You Read That Right!). No Extra Monthly Payments!