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30.09.16 Bailey2

Lessons learnt from a Skillful Manipulator, and the Art of Psychological Warfare. Have Fun.

Life can be funny sometimes and the oddest things can sometimes hold the most valuable lessons. Meet Bailey, the 8 year old Weimaraner.  

To give you her posh Kennel Club Name........ ‘Persistent Persistence’.  Bailey certainly lives up to that name!!

Here at Kettlercise® HQ, whenever she gets the chance to get down to despatch she's off... complete with Toy. What she’s figured out, is that her persistence beats the despatch team's will power of resistance. 

If she places the squeaky down in front of the team, someone might throw it and then the fun begins. 

She’ll fetch it right back to you and so it goes on (.....and on, and on!). She’s also adopted several sneaky’ persistent strategies to overcome the stronger willed.

BaileyDealofTheWeekThere’s the cute puppy dog stare’...

There’s the 'lying down intense stare’ ...


 .. and if that fails to provoke a response then we are on to the ‘picking it up, squeak it a bit, drop it again, STARE!'


No Joy? Well, then there’s pick up drop it on the intended victims body anywhere will do’:  The feet, the lap, and even the ‘try and put it in to your hand’ until the poor soul plays........

Bailey ain’t going anywhere until it happens.

Now, what can this possibly have to do with Body Transformation?

You see, Bailey has developed a formula’... and to be fair it’s a pretty good one

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Remember when we talked previously about the 5 Success Keys to Body Transformation? If not, or you missed that, here's a quick recap, the Five Keys being:

  1. Mind
  2. Exercise
  3. Diet
  4. Rest
  5. Supplementation

Let’s look at Bailey’s formula first.

She’s set herself a goal... Its playtime.

She’s got specialist knowledge that the people who she's most likely to have success with are the despatch team. (Find intended innocent victim)!

Drop toy in front of victim...........if no joy move to Step#2.

Stare at target using (A) ‘Cute Puppy Dog Stare’ or (B) ‘Stare Intensely.  If nothing happening go to Step#3.

Annoyingly remind ‘victim you’re there! Squeak it.........Drop it... WAIT.   If nothing ... move to final assault Step#4.

Get physical... launch toy at victim’ 'til they surrender.

2013 02 05 19.21.46

How do we now move this formula to ‘Body Transformation’?

It's simple really......  

What's your goal?

How much weight/fat do you want to lose?

In what time scale do you want to lose it?

It needs to be realistic. Have you written it down? it's important!

Place it where you can see it.....next to your bed........on your fridge.........read it daily!  Sounds odd I know, but it does work.

 Next, have you sat down and figured out a plan on how to do it?What specialist information do you needDiet plan?  What exercise system are you going to use?


When are you going to start AND is there anything else you need beforehand? Then we go to ACTION  Mode..... Remember the saying...

'Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.'

Which are the words of one the finest minds of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein.

Although those five simple words seem pretty freakin' obvious at first..........'Nothing happens until SOMETHING moves.'

All the thoughts and good intentions in the world are a starting point, but without ACTION are of no real value.

You know the thoughts we all have; 'I want to lose 14lBs', 'I need to lose weight',  ‘I wish I could wear clothes like that', 'I have to get fitter', OR 'I hate looking and feeling like this I really need to do something about it.'  

You need to take ACTION  on these intentions!

And I will share this: Action has some 'bizarre magic and power' held within it... the start of something truly magnificent.

The power 'shifts' from 'self-doubt' to 'self-belief'.  I've seen people grow taller in a matter of days. I've seen some of the plainest looking people 'transform' in to radiant, bubbling, confident personalities within weeks.

Then you need to be ‘persistent’........ just like Bailey....... and you may find it slow at first, but I assure you with these Six Steps you'll find success:

Let's just recap a second:

  1. What’s the Goal?Image018 Copy

  2. What’s the time frame start date/finish date?

  3. Be Realistic

  4. What’s the Plan?

  5. Move to Action

  6. Be Persistent

you could still choose to do nothing and that would be fine (if you are truly happy where you are now)But if you aren't; and you're looking to make a change... make the decision! ACT NOW....liberate yourself!

Good Luck,

'Nothing happens until something moves'... Get Moving.  

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