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Here’s one for the Ladies... Five Kettlebell Moves to up lift those boobs!


Hey I know it’s a controversial subject but a lot of ladies would love just a ‘little more uplift’ in the cleavage department and these days with clever ‘push up bras’ ladies can easily give that much desired appearance.

But wait!  What if I told you there was another way that had a more permanent effect? Don’t believe me?  Read on as I’m about to give you my ‘Top 5 ‘Breast Lifting’ Kettlebell Exercises’.

This simple routine should be completed in a circuit fashion with no rest between exercises for a total of between 2-4 rounds 2-3 times per week.  It can be added at the end of an existing workout (such as Kettlercise®) as a finisher or any time on its own for long lasting results.

So how does it work?

Well basically it strengthens the muscle directly underneath your breasts and also the postural muscles around the back and shoulders responsible for holding the muscles underneath your boobs up. It’s a win win scenario.

Let’s look at the exercises in order:

 1. Alternating kettlebell ‘Press Up’: 


Get into a push up position with one hand on the bell and the other hand on the floor. Engage the abs, glutes and legs while keeping the belly button drawn in. slowly lower your chest down as far as possible by bending at the elbow. Return to start position by pushing the hands into the floor. Perform on the knees if required. Repeat on the other side.

Sets: 2-4

Reps: 15 seconds each side


2. Single arm kettlebell ‘Chest Press’:


Grab a kettlebell and lie flat on your back with your arm out to the side at approx. 45º - elbow touching the floor. Extend the hips and squeeze your glutes to keep core locked.  Slowly press the kettlebell in a vertical line until the arm is locked out. Return to start. Repeat on the other side.

Sets: 2-4

Reps: 15 seconds on each side


3. 'Y' Raise


Grab a pair of light kettlebells and stand upright with feet shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebells in front of the thighs. Keep your shoulder blades down, midsection tight and slowly raise the kettlebells to a point in front of your head. Return to start and repeat.

Sets: 2-4

Reps: 30 secs


4. Renegade Row


Grab a kettlebell and adopt a press up position with the kettlebell directly below right shoulder. Engage the abs, glutes and legs and slowly raise the kettlebell to your side while keeping the body still.  Return to the start position and repeat.  Repeat on the other side.

Sets: 2-4

Reps: 15 seconds each side


4. Rear Lateral Raise


Grab a pair of light kettlebells and from a standing position hinge over at the waist bending the knees at the same time until the torso is parallel to the ground. Keeping the torso still slowly raise the kettlebells out to the side to shoulder height. Return to start position and repeat.

Sets: 2-4

Reps: 30 secs

So give this routine a try for 4 weeks and see how much of a difference it makes.


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