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When it comes to burning calories nothing beats doing whole body movements with resistance. Now that resistance might be a dumbbell, barbell, bands or even bodyweight or another implement that I'll tell you about.

Studies show that adding this resistance is the way forward in terms of calorie burn and body changes. The reason being is what is called ‘EPOC’ or ‘Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption’.

This is actually just a fancy term for saying thatthe body will continue to burn extra calories long after the training session has finished’.

So while you’re having that much needed shower after training, you’re actually still burning those calories, in fact up to 12 hours later... So, even when you may be fast asleep you’re still burning calories.

How does that idea sound? I know it sounds pretty good to me!


Coupled with the fact that resistance training maintains muscle even when in a negative calorie balance and believe me when I tell you that’s exactly what you want it to do that as guess what? 


Muscle burns even more calories even when at rest. (HOORAY!)



At this stage you’d be right in thinking that you should be adding this strategy to your training plan.


Now I'm going to let you into a little secret that I use with my clients and this is incorporating what I consider to be the ‘ultimate resistance based implement’ to turn you into a calorie crunching machine.



If you're thinking kettlebells at this point... you'd be right!

Now I'm going to share with you my ‘Top #3 Kettlebell Calorie Crunching Exercises’ that you can easily learn now!

So let's get you up and running with the other three (I'll save the infamous Turkish Get Up for another day).


#1: Basic One Hand Swing

This is THE first exercise I teach someone when starting kettlebell training. It's great because it teaches you how to co-ordinate a whole body movement in one dynamic action.

Everything gets used from the legs to the core and that's why it’s my No #1 choice.

Make sure you go through the step-by-step’ explanation below on how to do this fantastic exercise:


Basic Kettlebell drill using the hips to project the Kettlebell forwards and upwards. 


Major Muscles Worked: 

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Core


Technique Points: 

  • Kettlebell should be slightly off centre to the side of the arm being utilised

  • Keep your back muscles tight and shoulder down and back to avoid forward lurching of shoulder joint

  • Brace abdominals hard in bottom position to keep hips square and avoid unnescessary rotation of torso

  • Swing Kettlebell slightly behind and as Kettlebell reverses
    movement powerfully drive upwards with hips to project Kettlebell outwards and upwards

  • Keep a natural bend in the arm as kettlebell travels upwards

  • Let the kettlebell return naturally back through the legs while bracing the mid-section and repeat the procedure

  • Repeat on the other side by swapping in to the other side 


#2: Basic One Hand Clean & Press

I love this one because it incorporates a dynamic move and a strength move in one powerful exercise. Think even more calorie burn guys!



Full Body Exercise incorporating pulling and pushing.


Major Muscles Worked:

  • Hamstrings
  • Mid-Section
  • Glutes
  • Deltoids

Technique Points:

  • Grasp the kettlebell with one hand and assume swing
    stance position with kettlebell hanging at arm’s length

  • Drive through with hips and draw arm vertically using upper back muscles

  • Let elbow slide slightly to the side of the body and rotate wrist externally to help kettlebell rotate around forearm and land in rack position. Keep the arm relaxed.

  • Hips should be fully locked at this position

  • Upper arm should be braced against torso with fist opposite sternum, palm facing in

  • From this rack position press the kettlebell in to an overhead position and then return to rack position

  • Return to start by tilting elbow and flipping kettlebell over wrist and sitting back into start position at same time

  • Repeat on the other arm


#3: One Hand Snatch

This one takes the one hand swing and adds another dimension to it as you'll be driving the kettlebell in one fluid movement to above the head.

The powerful drive from the hips to get to that position and the bracing of the core section on the way down is what makes this exercise one of the ultimate calorie crunching movements.



Major Muscles Worked:

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Core
  • Upper Back
  • Shoulders

Coaching Points:

  • Adopt basic hip drive position with Kettlebell in one hand

  • Swing Kettlebell behind and then drive with the hips to project the Kettlebell above head in one smooth action

  • As the Kettlebell reaches face height bend the arm slightly and let the bell begin to flip over the wrist

  • Finish movement by punching in to the air and straightening the arm on top

  • From here cast the kettlebell slightly and let the arm follow the same line of trajectory as the upward movement

  • Sit back in to the basic hip drive set position while bracing the abdominals

  • Let the kettlebell swing through the legs as you do this and then drive back upwards again

  • Repeat on the other side by swapping in to the other hand


That's it for now! Be sure to Master these 3 Basic Exercises, technique is everything! perhaps add one of them to the end of your current workouts, I promise you, you'll see and feel a huge difference in Muscle Tone and Fat Loss - it's the reason why I've used them successfully with clients who want to drop body fat rapidly.  I was one of the first people in the country to adopt this style of training (now over 15 years ago!) and I still use it today. And that’s because it works…every time..

We'll be back with some more advanced moves next... perhaps we'll hit you with the Turkish Get Up! Now that is a Kettlebell Exercise you'll feel working. 


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