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Exercise Breakdown: 


1. Alternating Floor Clean - 30 Seconds

2. Walkout to Jump - 30 Seconds

3. Alternating High Pull - 30 Seconds

4. Squat thrust to Hold - 30 seconds

5. Two hand Swing - 30 Seconds

6. Plank - 60 Seconds


Sequence – perform an exercise, rest for 10 seconds and then move onto the next. Rest 60 seconds at the end of the circuit and repeat four more times.


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Alternating Floor Clean


What is it: Full body exercise emphasising what's called the 'Posterior chain muscles', consisting of calfs, hamstrings and glutes.


How to do it: Stand in a shoulders width stance. Place a kettlebell on the floor midway between feet. Hinge at the hip while bending at the the knee to load the posterior chain muscles. Keep the back flat and grab hold of the kb handle. In one fluid movement stand up straight while bringing the kb on a vertical line into the rack position.Return to the start position and repeat using the other hand.


Walkout to Jump


What is it: Full Body Exercise that really gets the heart rate going.


How to do it: From a standing position squat down keeping the back flat. Place your hands on the floor in front of you and then walk out until you are in a plank position. Hold briefly and the return to the low squat position. From here jump up and the land bending at the knee to absorb the load. Repeat.


*Beginners can just stand up and then repeat the sequence.


Alternating High Pull


What is it: Single arm exercise working the posterior chain but also including the upper back musculature.


How to do it: Grab a kettlebell in one hand and adopt a basic hip hinge/knee bend start position. From here stand straight up while bringing the kb in a vertical pull, keeping the elbow high. Change from one hand to the other by doing a shallow dip to keep the rhythm going.


Squat Thrust to Hold


What is it: Lower body exercise which also integrates the core


How to do it: Start in a low static  squat hold position with the arms out in front. Place your hand on the floor in front of you and drive the legs back to plank position bracing the midsection as you do so and rapidly return to the static squat hold. Pause briefly and repeat.

Two Hand High Swing


What is it: Classic Kettlebell Drill using the hip hinge/knee bend movement pattern.


How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and take hold of a kettlebell with two hands. Sit back into the basic hip hinge/knee bend and then drive the hips forward to a full lockout position. Let the arms Swing naturally to start and then as the kettlebell reaches chest height continue the movement by using the arms to drive the kettlebellb to a point slightly above your head. The body should remain braced and tight at this point. Let the arms Swing back to the start position sitting the hips back at the same time. 


Don't forget to join us tomorrow with another Workout, where our very own Faculty Instructor Anoushka Moore will be bringing you the Booty Challenge.


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