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Exercise Breakdown: 


1. Crunch - 30 Seconds

2. Sit Up Twist - 30 Seconds

3. Crunch Sit Up Twist - 30 Seconds

4. Pullover Extension - 30 Seconds

5. Ab Cycle - 30 Seconds

6. Pullover Extension to Ab Cycle - 30 Secnds

7. Crunch Sit Up Twist, Pullover Extension and Ab Cycle - 60 Seconds


Sequence – Perform exercises 1-6 for 30 Seconds, then for the final aim for 60 Seconds. Take 30-60 Seconds Rest inbetween rounds and repeat the workout 2-3 more times. 


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What is it: Short Range Controlled Drill targeting the Upper Abs


How to do it: Lie on your back with the Kettlebell over your chest, slowly draw your chest towards your pelvis while keeping your head in line. Return to the start position and repeat. 


Sit Up To Twist


What is it: Extended range of movment drill targeting Upper Abs and Obliques 


How to do it: Lie on your back as before, but this time sit all the way up. At the top position, slowly rotate the torso from right to left and back to centre before returning to the start position. 


Crunch - Sit Up Twist


What is it: What we call a mini-complex where you combine several moves together


How to do it: Here we combine the first two movements. Perform slowly and under control at all times 


Pullover Extension


What is it: This is what's called an anti extension movment, as we are trying to stop the back arching 


How to do it: Grab a Kettlebell and hold with both hands, lie on your back. Once there, start with your knees tucked towards your chest and the KB touching your knees. Slowly extend your legs to approx 45 degrees above the floor while extending the arms above and behind your head. Return to the start position and repeat. 

Ab Cycle


What is it: Classic Abdominal exercise that also works the Obliques 


How to do it: Lie on your back with a Kettlebell, bring one knee towards the midsection while simultaneously bringing the opposite elbow to meet it. Your other leg should be extended away from you. Fromt his position, bring the other leg in to meet the opposite elbow in a slow and controlled manner, while making sure your elbow meets the inside of the knee. 



Crunch, Sit-Up Twist and Pullover Extension to Ab Cycle


What is it: All the exercises you've performed put together for the Final Complex 


How to do it: Slowly combined all four of the previous exercises in one large complex, make sure that the transitions from one exercise to another are smooth and controlled.


That's all for this #Kettlercise Workout Week! Thank you so much for joining us. 


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