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Exercise Breakdown: 


1. One Hand Clean - 30 Seconds Each Side

2. One Hand Press - 30 Seconds Each Side

3. One Hand Clean & Press - 30 Seconds Each Side

4. One Hand Swing - 30 Seconds Each Side

5. One Hand Snatch - 30 Seconds Each Side

6. One Hand Clean, Press, Swing and Snatch - 30 Seconds Each Side


Sequence – Perform exercises 1-5 for 30 seconds each side, then exercise 6 for 60 seconds on each side non stop. Rest for 60 Seconds and repeat for another 4 rounds.  


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One Hand Clean 


What is it: Full Body Exercise emphasising the posterior chain muscles (calfs, hamstrings and glutes). 


How to do it: Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, Kettlebell at arms length. Hinge at the hip while bending the knees to load the posterior chain muscles, in one movement stand up straight while bringing the Kettlebell on a vertical line into the rack position. Return to the start position and repeat. 


One Hand Press


What is it: Upper Body Exercise that targets the Shoulders 


How to do it: Hold the Kettlebell in the rack position, from there press the Kettlebell to a position overhead by rotating the hand as the Kettlebell raises with the bicep ending by the side of the head. Return to rack position and repeat. 



One Hand Clean and Press


What is it: A combination of the previous two performed in a controlled, fluid manner


How to do it: Firstly, perform the clean as previously described and then when at the rack position, perform a press and return to the rack position - then return to the starting position of the clean. 


One Hand Swing


What is it: One of the fundamental Kettlebell Drills that works the posterior chain muscles


How to do it: Grab your Kettlebell in one hand and stand shoulder width apart, hinge at the hips while bending at the knee to load the posterior chain while letting the Kettlebell hike between your legs, keep your back flat and don't lean too far forward. Brace at this position and then drive forward with the hips to project the Kettlebell forwards and upwards - brace again with the hips and midsection as you lock out. Keep a fluid yet dynamic movement going. 

One Hand Snatch


What is it: Known as the King of Kettlebell Exercises as it works everything and is basically an extension of the One Hand Swing. 


How to do it: Stand as you would for the One Hand Swing, using the same movement pattern as the swing but this time continue the movement of the Kettlebell to a point where the arm is straight and in line with the head. As the Kettlebell passes at about face height, draw the shoulder back to encourage the bell to tip over the wrist, so you catch on the back of the arm at the top position. Return by casting slightly and immediately sitting back into the hip hinge/knee bend movement pattern. Brace hard at the bottom position. 


One Hand Clean, Press, Swing and Snatch 


What is it: A Complex of various exercises to challenge your Stamina and Co-Ordination 


How to do it: Start with one side and perform all four drills in a fluid and controlled manner. Make sure you are dynamic on Swings and Snatches and more controlled on the Clean and Press.


That's your workout for today - we'll see you tomorrow with another Kettlercise Routine. 


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