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Exercise Breakdown: 


1. Lateral Lunge to Knee Lift - 30 Seconds Each Side

2. Two Phase Jump Squat - 30 Seconds

3. Plié Lunge to Kick - 30 Seconds Each Side

4. Alternating Ski Swing - 60 seconds

5. Glute Bridge to Press - 30 Seconds


Sequence – perform entire workout with no rest and then take 30-60 seconds rest at the end of the round, repeat workout 4 more times. 


If you're new with Kettlebells, be sure to check out the post Ultimate 7 Step Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training. Check it Out Here. 


Lateral Lunge to Knee Lift


What is it: Lower Body Exercise requiring good stability. 


How to do it: Grab a Kettlebell with both hands, step your lead leg out to one side keeping the leg bent and the knee in line with your foot. The other leg should be almost straight. Push off from the lead leg and bring it to the centre but lift in front to balance on the other leg. Repeat for your other side. 


2 Phase Jump Squat


What is it: Lower Body Exercise that demands powerful legs. 


How to do it: Grab a Kettlebell in both hands and adopt a start position with the feel shoulder width apart. Squat down to where (ideally) your thighs are level with the floor, then rise part way up then drop down quickly and drive upwards so your feet leave the floor. Land with the Knees bent.



Plié Lunge to Kick


What is it: Lower Body Exercise requiring solid balance.


How to do it: Grab a kettlebell in both hands and then step one leg out behind you at about a 45 degree angle. Keep most of the weight on your lead leg, from there bring the rear leg back up, chamber the knee and perform a roundhouse style kick to the side. Repeat on the other side.


*Beginners can just perform the chamber without extending to the kick. 


Alternating Ski Swing


What is it: Lower body exercise emphasising the Hamstrings and Glutes. 


How to do it: Grab your Kettlebell in one hand with a hip-width stance. Hold your bell with the palm facing the thigh, sit the hips back in a hip hinge/knee bend movement pattern. Drive the hips forward to a lockout position and swap the bell from one hand to the other at the top.

Glute Bridge to Press


What is it: Great Drill to fire up the muscles of the backside while using your arms. 


How to do it: Lay on your back with the heels together and near your backside while holding the Kettlebell above the chest - Push through the heels and extend your hips to activate the gluteus, at the same time press the Kettlebell with your arms straight. Lower the hips back to the start and repeat. 


That's your workout for today - we'll see you tomorrow with another Kettlercise Routine. 


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