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Here’s one for the Ladies... Five Kettlebell Moves to up lift those boobs!

Hey I know it’s a controversial subject but a lot of ladies would love just a ‘little more uplift’ in the cleavage department and these days with clever ‘push up bras’ ladies can easily give that much desired appearance.

But wait!  What if I told you there was another way that had a more permanent effect? Don’t believe me?  Read on as I’m about to give you my ‘Top 5 ‘Boob Lifting’ Kettlebell Exercises’.

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When it comes to burning calories nothing beats doing whole body movements with resistance. Now that resistance might be a dumbbell, barbell, bands or even bodyweight or another implement that I'll tell you about in a bit!!  Studies show that adding this resistance is the way forward in terms of calorie burn and body changes. The reason being is what is called ‘EPOC’ or ‘Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption’. 

This is actually just a fancy term for saying that ‘the body will continue to burn extra calories long after the training session has finished’

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