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Yes it’s cold outside, yes it’s dark and at the moment all it seems to do is rain but you shouldn’t let it spoil your motivation when it comes to ‘keeping the fire burning’ and that body fat during these winter months. So here’s my ‘#2 Top Tips’ to do just that instead of
staying under the duvet ‘til spring. It’s easy to go into that ‘hibernation phase’ when it’s cold outside and I’ve found that one of the things that goes out of the window are the #3 P’s!!

Top Tip #1:
DO the 3 main P’s                                                                                                                                                  

1. Planning                                                                                           
2. Proritise
.....and Preparation folks!

So what you do is Plan and schedule your workouts in your diary just like you would any other appointment but obviously THIS appointment is with yourself.  What days are you going to do itWhat times are you going to do them?  Get everything ready beforehand like your gym kit, water and recovery shakes. Then your ‘good to go’ and all you have to do is START!

Make you a Priority by giving yourself a deadline and goal to aim for.  It could be a holiday in several months which works for some people or an event in a few weeks which can be better for others. Commit to the task AND log how you are doing to help keep you motivated. Remember to read the motivational articles and use the progress tracker so you know exactly where you are, other members do just that and believe me when I say they find it invaluable.

Preparation is everything so having your gym kit ready and your shakes done is one thing but what about the rest of the day? We see so many transformations with the Kettlercise program for many reasons one of which is the fact that the participants are organised with food prep each and every day. It’s half the battle really and if it means cooking extra food the night before and putting it in the fridge/ freezer then so be it as you’re much less likely to go off the rails if you do so. Having easy to cook recipes such as those found on the membership website can also make all the difference.

Top Tip #2: Keep Hydrated

This is one I personally find hard to do in the cold winter months as let’s face it, who wants to drink a cold beverage when it’s cold outside?  To help I tend to drink more herbal teas in the winter and I particularly like green tea for its antioxidant/fat burning properties. Go for the ‘powdered version’ as it has a much higher catechin polyphenol content, these are natural chemicals that work to increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis or increasing the body’s core temperature. I also find drinking a small amount of sparkling mineral water easier as I don’t mind it at room temperature and I don’t like plain water at this temp. I know it may not make a lot of sense but hey it works for me and therefore may work for you.

Try these few strategies and see how they work for you and don’t forget to let me know if you have something that particularly works to keep you motivated in the winter months.